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 i just this song and you make me happy it makes me think of like, being super faggots and i know that sounds kinda stupid but just here me out............ so the lgbt youth group yeah theres always a new year lock in and i loved it the last time i went but u know it was p damn lonely cause theres all these really nice couples dancing and kissing and i was really alone but i was really/?????? happy idk but it would have been better with someone there with me that i could kiss and dance with and sleep with like literally theres nothing to be afraid of there its so fucking great because youre surrounded by other lgbt+ people and its really great because youre. safe.  and it's amazing. but this song also makes the idea even better because its really. idk independant feeling and i love it a lot it makes me feel free and u know all that stuff idk but 

i keep thinking about how what if you and i went to one just you and i forget my lgbt friends fuck them

just you and me and we danced together and kissed at midnight and had fun with other lgbt kids and we had a blast and ate food and slept together and stuff

and maybe later on we just kinda took your truck and drove around the city at like 4 am with really good music playing i dont know ijust really love that idea

it makes me happy like the fact that we'd be in a safe place and then we'd be together and we could kiss safely 

and that we could drive around and then go BACK to a safe place i dont know i just want to have that kind of fun with you i want to do that so badly wow 

Mae govannen

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