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tw: self hate, body talk, gore?

i hate this so much i hate being fictive i hate it 
i hate that i have to deal with this i hate that im not taken seriously 
i like dream width but tumblr is where my friends are and its nicer i like the pictures and yeah
but people are such assholes im so upset

i dont know im dysphoric i miss home i miss it so badly
i have that feeling in my chest and it crawls down my spine and it's such a bad feeling the homesickness

it's like 
i dont know its a little creature full of everything i love and it lives in my chest and it sleeps most of the time but sometimes i accidentally wake it up and it scratches at my chest and it claws at my heart and it writhes under my skin and it just makes me feel like shit whenever it wakes

im so angry im so upset i want to go home

Date: 2013-01-23 12:22 am (UTC)
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I'm so sorry, Legolas. :/

Don't know what to say beyond that sucks. That really really sucks... does writing about your home make it worse, better, or... just different? I know sometimes people here can help homesickness a little by writing.

- Blue

ps, tumblr can be prettier and full of more art stuff and picturs and pretties. That is definitely true. Is it possible to have a private tumblr? *never tried*

Mae govannen

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